Peter Ilott

Peter Ilott has been the Business and Operations Manager of Beere Property since 2014. Peter has over twenty years’ management experience, a sound knowledge of building maintenance, and has developed good rapport with co-workers, employees, and residents. Peter has been pivotal in the energy savings, water and waste reduction initiatives implemented at Aria and other strata schemes..

Peter’s current position follows over twenty years’ experience managing a variety of businesses within local government, private, and non-profit sectors. In the last eight years Peter has focussed on Building and Property Management, and Strata Facilities Management. Peter has managed a number of hotels and residential apartment complexes ensuring sound maintenance and operation of those buildings. Peter always strives to create a culture within residential communities of harmony and quiet enjoyment by owners and tenants alike.

Peter’s recent achievements include: Implementation of almost $1 million in refurbishments at Aria Apartments Waterloo, significantly improving the presentation and maintenance at Lumina Apartments Waterloo, and taking a new Bourke and Phillip building from developer completion to owner control.

Peter has also been involved with the City of Sydney’s Green Strata Network which seeks to provide buildings the opportunity to implement energy saving initiatives such as LED lighting for common areas, and real-time monitoring of electricity, gas, and water usage and the addition of renewable energy sources such as solar panels. Energy and utilities projects completed to date save the owners of Aria apartments over $70,000 per annum. More money-saving projects are planned for the near future.


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