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Getting You The Best Tenants And Highest Returns Is Accomplished In 7 Easy Steps

1. Your Rental Appraisal

In our rental appraisals, we determine your property’s current rental value by analysing comparable properties and assessing market demand.

2. Presentation/Professional Photography

Ensuring your property’s allure to potential tenants is crucial for attaining a premium return on your investment. Our professional photography showcases your property in a spacious and well-lit manner, while our exclusive renovation package sets your property apart from the competition.

3. Marketing

We will feature your property on the top property search platforms in Sydney, including Domain and, as well as on the Beere Property website and our social media channels. Each online listing will include a comprehensive property description and high-quality photographs.

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4. Leasing and Open Homes

Our system offers round-the-clock responses to online inquiries from potential tenants, offering various time slots throughout the week and weekend for scheduling one-on-one property inspections.

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5. Careful Tenant Selection

Each prospective tenant is required to submit comprehensive income and financial documentation with their applications. We conduct rigorous checks on all employment and rental references. Additionally, we perform a thorough search of the Tenancy Reference Database for each applicant. The results of these application checks will be promptly reported to you for your decision-making.

6. Initial Inspection

We will diligently complete a thorough condition report before the tenancy begins. This report will provide a detailed account of the property’s condition, ensuring the accurate disbursement of the tenant’s rental bond at the end of the lease.

7. Signing The Residential Tenancy Agreement Electronically

The chosen applicant will receive clear guidance on their responsibilities while residing in your property. Furthermore, a copy of the signed initial page of the lease agreement will be promptly provided to you once the property has been handed over to the successful tenants.

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From Rent Collection to Maintenance – We’ve Got You Covered!

We exert every effort to collect the full rent on or before its due date. We diligently monitor arrears daily. In the event that rent remains unpaid for more than 15 days past the due date, we will issue a Termination notice, providing tenants with a 14-day notice to vacate your property.
Your rental income is electronically deposited into your designated bank account at the conclusion of each month. We’ll send you a detailed statement via email, outlining the rent period, total rent collected, and any payments made on your behalf.
Following each routine inspection, you’ll receive a comprehensive written report detailing the property’s condition. This report will highlight any necessary maintenance or optional improvements.
To ensure you maximise your investment property’s rental potential, we continually assess the market and its trends. We will promptly inform you when the lease is due for renewal, providing you with options to decide on the way forward.
We will never initiate any repairs that exceed your specific written instructions. Our approach involves engaging only qualified tradespeople who offer competitive pricing to carry out necessary repairs.
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