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Should I market & advertise my property?

Just like companies advertise their products and services, to make sales, the same is true for selling your property.

But here’s the most important part to understand rather than selling a can of soft drink for a few dollars, we are selling your most prized possession and it could be worth hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars.

You deserve a campaign that will find you the right buyer.

Here’s other benefits: 

Maximising Exposure:

Advertising ensures that your property is seen by a broad and diverse audience. It extends your reach beyond word-of-mouth or personal connections, increasing the chances of finding the right buyer.

Attracting Quality Leads:

Effective advertising helps filter out serious buyers from those who may not be genuinely interested. This saves you time and energy by connecting you with individuals who are more likely to proceed with a transaction.

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Competitive Advantage:

In a competitive real estate market, advertising sets your property apart from others. It highlights its unique features and value, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

Setting the Right Price:

Advertising allows you to gauge the market’s response to your property’s price. If you receive a lot of inquiries, it may indicate that your property is competitively priced. Conversely, if interest is low, you may need to adjust your pricing strategy.

Creating a Strong First Impression:

Well-crafted advertisements present your property in the best light possible. Professional photos, compelling descriptions, and well-designed listings grab the attention of potential buyers and create a positive first impression.

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Transparency and Trust:

By advertising your property openly and transparently, you build trust with potential buyers or renters. It demonstrates that you have nothing to hide and are genuinely interested in finding the right match for your property.

Negotiation Leverage:

A well-advertised property often gives sellers more negotiation power. Multiple interested parties can lead to competitive bidding, potentially driving up the final sale price.

Saving Time and Effort:

Effective advertising can help you sell your property more quickly. The sooner you find a suitable buyer, the less time and effort you need to invest in maintaining and showing the property.

Just like companies advertise their products and services, to make sales, the same is true for selling your property.

Frequently Asked Questions

An agent who doesn’t require advertising contributions typically opts for a budget-level advertising package, investing less in marketing efforts. This approach often means using less effective, cheaper advertising platforms, potentially missing out on reaching a broader audience of potential buyers. Agents who make this choice may lack the skills and experience to compete effectively against established local agents who invest in paid advertising campaigns.

On the other hand, agents who wisely recommend property owners invest in advertising seek a joint commitment from both the vendor and agent to maximise property exposure and achieve the best possible sale result. They aim to provide your property with the broadest reach and the best chance of attracting the right buyers.

You will always ensure you receive the best result when you advertise your property vs those who don’t.
Your property is worth a lot of money, you don’t want the low end of the market. You want the people who have the money and are prepared to buy.

Yes, it’s different. Agents who cover advertising costs typically provide standard advertisements, which are often smaller and less prominent than the premium advertisements recommended by Beere Property.

Properties advertised in this manner may not receive the same level of visibility, as many buyers tend to focus on the first 1 or 2 pages of listings. This reduced exposure can result in fewer inquiries and offers for your property.

We have proven year after year that we get higher prices for our clients because they are able to get in front of more serious vendors than other agencies.

At Beere Property, you receive the expertise of experienced agents who approach each property and vendor’s goals individually.

We leverage our extensive experience to craft a customised and tailored plan to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Many investors looking to buy in our area are seeking information and assurance around a building and the way it is looked after.

Our specialisation in strata apartments and the areas we serve provides buyers with the reassurance, information, and confidence they need to make competitive offers.

This unique expertise sets your property apart, giving it the best chance of attracting top-dollar offers.

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