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The Beere Building Management Solution: Making Your Job Easier

Building Management Services by Beere Property


Prioritise resident needs, fostering community satisfaction within your building.


Count on us for quick responses to resident concerns, efficient issue resolution, and open communication channels.


Commitment to improving resident experiences results in higher satisfaction rates and a positive building reputation.


Address maintenance and cleanliness proactively to preserve and enhance your property's condition.

You shouldn't have to worry about property issues piling up or complaints from residents about building managers not doing their job. Being able to trust your building managers are doing their job is important. 

You deserve a stress-free, well-maintained building that reflects positively on your reputation.

Strata managers like you face a unique set of challenges, from resident complaints to property upkeep and more. At Beere Building Management, we understand the pressures you deal with every day. Our mission is simple: to be the solution that makes your role smoother, your residents happier, and your building better maintained. With years of expertise, a dedicated team, and a proven track record, we’re here to help you achieve more with less effort. Discover the Beere difference, where your needs are our priority, and your building thrives under our care.

“It is with great pleasure I give Jeff,
Peter and the team at Beere Property
a 5 star rating. They are responsive,
proactive and work hard. Highly recommended!”


Managing Director/Strata Manager


Challenges Strata Managers Face

Navigating Building Management Roadblocks

Strata managers often encounter numerous challenges that impact your efficiency and the overall satisfaction of residents.

Complaints from residents and delays in addressing issues lead to frustration and discontent.
You are often stretched thin, juggling multiple responsibilities and tasks.
There’s a high level of expectation to perform exceptionally and maintain the building’s reputation.
The constant risk of losing management contracts due to performance concerns can be stressful.
The need to keep levies low while maintaining a high-quality building can be a challenging balancing act.
Some building managers may lack experience, training, or a team that can service every need.
Neglected maintenance can result in a decline in the building’s condition over time.

These challenges can leave strata managers feeling overwhelmed, stretched thin, and underappreciated, making it essential to find effective solutions. Beere Building Management is that solution.

Understanding Your Role as a Strata Manager

We Know the Challenges You Face

At Beere Building Management, we understand the unique position of strata managers. We recognise the immense pressure and responsibilities you shoulder on a daily basis. Your dedication to maintaining a harmonious and well-managed building is commendable, and we are here to offer the support and solutions you deserve. Your success is our success, and we’re committed to making your role more manageable and your building more appealing to residents.

Trust in Proven Expertise

At Beere Building Management, we understand the intricate world of strata management. With our founder, Jeff Beere, bringing a wealth of experience from building management industry, we’re uniquely positioned to empower strata managers like you. Jeff was a board member and life member of ARAMA, the peak industry body for resident on-site building managers in Australia.

As strata managers, you require a partner who understands the local market intimately and can navigate the intricacies of diverse communities. We understand the importance of exceeding expectations, and we’re dedicated to helping strata managers like you achieve success in an ever-evolving property landscape.

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Over $600 Million in properties managed


4.9-star customer rating on Google

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20 years managing properties in Waterloo


6 languages spoken by the team

Here’s Just Some Of What You Can Expect With Beere Building Management Services

Elevate Resident Satisfaction and Property Value

As one of the few companies offering sales, leasing, and building management, we possess a deep knowledge of what adds value to properties. This expertise informs decisions on upgrades, presentation, painting, energy-efficient lighting, EV charging, and building updates, enhancing tenant experiences and property value.
Our easy-to-reach team is available when you need us. Our phone systems streamline communication, providing a concierge-like experience for your convenience.
We help your buildings become more sustainable with LED lighting, eco-friendly lifts, solar power, and waste reduction. We propose eco-friendly solutions to committees, improving energy efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

We manage interactions with contractors and tradespeople on your behalf, ensuring top-notch services and budget-friendly offers.

We foster a sense of community, both online and offline. Residents stay informed, connect with each other, and discover local events and activities, enhancing the overall living experience in your building.

You can have a well-run building and minimal issues. Choosing Beere Building Management ensures residents satisfaction, building excellence, and a smooth strata manager experience. 

Here’s How We Unlock Building Management Success for Strata Managers

A Three-Step Roadmap to Building Excellence

Request A FREE Quote

Schedule a Consultation: Contact us to request a FREE assessment and consultation.

Committee Proposal: We'll present a tailored proposal for your committee, outlining how the Beere Building Management Plan can benefit your property.

Proposal Accepted

Plan Initiated: Upon acceptance of our proposal, the comprehensive Beere Building Management Plan is set into motion.

Effortless Transition: Experience a seamless transition as we implement the plan, taking care of all aspects of building management.

Life is Easier

Witness Transformation: See positive changes unfold throughout your building, from improved resident satisfaction to increased property value.

Efficiency and Peace of Mind: Enjoy a hassle-free management experience, knowing that your building is in capable hands, making your role as a strata manager more efficient and stress-free.

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